söndag 14 augusti 2011

bye bye blogspot HELLO TUMBLR

New blog!
Got tired of this one, so off with a brand new start on tumblr! Thanks to everyone who has been following me and hope to see u at my new home darlings xx

onsdag 10 augusti 2011

Lying in your attic I can feel the static

The rain is pouring down so the tv won't work fml. Feeling awful but have to shape up for the dinner tonight. Might catch the five train to Sthlm. Just need coffee and some aspirin.
Jon is also involved with Stornoway, great band! Getting nervous meeting him now... should stop.
Stornoway – Zorbing

tisdag 9 augusti 2011

Fashion Stories

My favourites with the model Leo.
Lars himself and some leatherwork for Jofama.

Went to Stockholm to watch the Lars Wallin exhibition at Prins Eugen Waldemarsudde. Was absolutely amazing. Later on we went to Skansen to watch Peter, Bjorn & John. It's embarrasing how small they are in Sweden. Shame on u natives!!!
Now I have to get some sleep, it's Stockholm again tomoz to meet Jon.

söndag 7 augusti 2011

Things are the way they have to be.

The Horrors new tune from the New album "Skying".

SS 11 vs. Music

So devo that i'm gonna miss this, I'll be in Stockholm but I have an appointment with Liam's manager in the old town at seven to discuss music. So probably missing that show might be worth it.

fredag 5 augusti 2011

In the summer summer

Yesterday at my friend's pool. Tonight we're going to a massive hallway party, was suppose to be a roof party but landlords were boring. Waiting for my friend and we'll start with dinner and wine.

torsdag 4 augusti 2011

Emmaboda pt II

Our camp "The Lingonberrycat" a.k.a. Lingonkatten. You can se it hanging in a rope in the last post. xx

Emmaboda pt I

Had a smashing week at Emmabodafestivalen. Was all covered in mud and blood and attacked by ants and rain but after a few warm brews the misery went away! Met gary, dom and simon again from Is Tropical, made me miss London even more. just about a month left!

måndag 25 juli 2011

My beloved monster and me

My beloved dog who likes to push me out from the bed...
He's cute, but after a week of sleeplessness that cuteness has vanished!

lördag 23 juli 2011

Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

Explosions In The Sky – Last Known Surroundings
I think this song matches the situation in Norway perfectly, I feel really sad for it. I know this happens a lot around the world but being this close really opens my eyes.

To enlighten the day i little bit, these are the things I got from the garage sell. (except the books, they're old)
Black leather bag 50 kr, necklace 5 kr, fur collar from Jofama 40 kr.

fredag 22 juli 2011

Into The Fire - Dead Kids

Me & Victoria
Making breaky

A few pics from last week I stole from Tommyboy. I've booked tickets to LONDON between 31st of August and 5th of september. Looking forward living in Whitechapel and seeing everyone again. Today's my mum's 27th birthday (which is her 30th 27th birthday) so it's gonna be a fancy evening.

Typical London tune; Dead Kids – Into The Fire
My friend Stephen's friend's band that broke up, now he's active with I.R.O.K.

tisdag 19 juli 2011


I'm dying to get this jacket, guess I have to become a stripper to get some better tip when the restaurant/bar I'm working at isn't that giving.

Elvis, I wasn't talking 'bout that king

Went to a waterfall today, been there heaps of times but it's been long time no see. Went past a "loppis" like a garage sale and found a bag and a sort of necklace thing, will show later, was a bargain!

måndag 18 juli 2011

Ridin' along in my automobile

Practicing driving in the rain, it's moving forward!
Missed Morrisseys gig at Hultsfredfetivalen, and that breaks MY HEART. The playlist was great, could've been better, so it probably will be when I manage to see him! (self comfort)

söndag 17 juli 2011

Let's buy happiness

Just LOVE my new boots from Beyond Retro. Got them last this monday when we went to Sthlm and walked around Söder and Götgatan. They weren't that expensive either, only had to swop the shoelaces.
Boys Noize – Let's Buy Happiness



Started the day with a walk up the mountain with my dog and when we came down again I drove a car for the first time, went pretty good actually, but it's really hard!

lördag 16 juli 2011

Love, what you doing?


"And the photo albums done
s this, is this what you're asking for?
Now that you're leaving me
Me and you are not done
Look for some answers
Feel, feel it still breathing
Love, love what you doing?"

torsdag 7 juli 2011

Then the angels make sure that our hearts are devoured

Pic from a few days ago when the weather was poor. I have a few new tunes on the way, just have to make them better so I won't be ashamed of them.

Eli Genesis Israel Rätväg

My lovely friend Eli followed me to my midsummer celebration, was a great day and an intoxicating night, surprised I survived!

tisdag 5 juli 2011

At home

First photo from the festival, look a bit pissed off but i'm certainly not! After this I sat in the front for 6 h, waiting for strokes and it was soo worth it. Had some wine and crisps.
My mum is taking me to the movies for a sneak preview at the movie "Beginners", hope it's good! x

måndag 4 juli 2011

You speak of love, but I've never heard of her

D E A D after P&L. Still hate that bloody festival but Dylan was worth it. Was in the very front for the Strokes and got all sentimental at Patrick Wolf. Got me thinking that I want a cute apartment, a nice man in my life who I can make pancakes for in the morning and a fat black cat called Ray Charles. Still to come I guess!

Longing immensely for Sunday when my darling darling Tommy (Fashiontommy) will visit from Gothenburg and live with me for a few days. Until then I'm gonna regain my voice, start wearing a bra and get money somehow. x

torsdag 23 juni 2011

a hard rain's gonna fall

Been almost a week back in Uppsala now, has been ace, but still miss London to death! A bit hungover from last night when we decided to have a Uppsala Castle-sesh at four o'clock in the morning. Pics will come up later. The rain is immense but I will be a martyr and walk the dog, it's dad's birthday after all. Congratz dad! x

torsdag 16 juni 2011

Junction! Junction! Junction!

Last post from London.My room is empty, have had the last cup of afternoon tea with Emma and is now gonna struggle my way to Heathrow.
This tune started my journey and will end it as well. I LOVE LONDON.

onsdag 15 juni 2011

Oo Aa Oo

Started to pack down my room here in London. So devo, sobbing for every piece of clothing that goes into the luggage while Listening to Explosions In The Sky.

I'm thinking back at moments like this, I was a bit back but I remember that night was so immense! Ended up with ABBA sesh with Sidney and Gary afterwards in Whitechapel. Dying to come back even though I haven't gone yet.
Still this day left, I'm gonna go to emma's café, get a free Soyacappuccino then we'll make our way to the BBQ in whitechapel for some closure.
Libertines, Desperados and Haloumi

Swedish Night @ China White

These last weeks went to fast. This is from last Wednesday when Carlo had arranged a Swedish night at China White by Oxford Circus. He's a darling.

Night was epic with Swedish and Italian canapés fun people and actually some sweet tunes.

torsdag 2 juni 2011

Letting the days go by

You may ask yourself, "What is that beautiful house?"
You may ask yourself, "Where does that highway go to?"
You may ask yourself, "Am I right, am I wrong?"
You may say to yourself, "My God! What have I done?"

Everybody in the whole cell block, was dancing to the Jailhouse Rock

Elina, Elin & Lisa
Hoodlums @ Notting Hill Art's Club

Went to the art's club again, been ages since last time! Saw The Hoodlums and danced around to some sweet swing and blues. Wednesdays are great for a night over there. Free entry and cheap booze.

The Albion Promotions

Went to Emma's night @ 93 Feet East, Brick Lane. Watched some acoustic sets and had some White Ace under the Dj-Booth. Funnily enough there was a bloke who wanted to promote me as a DJ, which I know nothing about haha. Said I only know the guitar but he got my website anyway.

måndag 30 maj 2011

My house is made out of water only to better the view

Outfit of the day (and a view of the shitty camera where mot of the pics comes from)
Shirt H&M (cut off the arms), Scarf mum's old, Sweater H&M, Black Handbag, Urban Outfitters
The last Sunday Roast in London at Görel's House. (devo!)

Yesterday we had our last sunday roast, was sooo good. Ended up at our favourite notting hill pub.
Today I've been recording at Sean's in East Acton, went really great! To new song available at Soundcloud.

I will never speak of days 'cause I know you won't count them

Tallest Man On Earth @ ShephardsBush

söndag 29 maj 2011

how we move from A to B it can't be up to me

Just found my love for Lykke Li again so thought i'd make a new cover.
Longing til the evening and our Sunday Roast. Em is Djing at the Old Queens Head tonight, hope i'll have energy to go! So dead from last night.

Bank Holiday Weekend Pt. II

Batman @ Cargo, Shoreditch
yummiest hot dogs ever!

We hit the road east again for Cargo. My first time there in it was massive. A bit like a miniature fabric without the dull italians and other boring people. AND it was free entry. Really good DJ last night.
Heaps of funny people, felt as if we banded with everyone there.
Elin's hair caught fire, which was among the most hlarious events ever (she made it just fine in the end).
On the way to the night bus we bought hot dogs which was the greatest thing i've tasted in ages!

Bank Holiday Weekend Pt. I

Brunch @ Breakfast Club, Soho
Cat Party @ The Macbeth, Hoxton
After Party and Lock in @ Silverbullit, Funsbury Park

Made the last part of my IELTS exam in the morning then we went for a huge brunch at Breakfast Club, that place is brilliant.

In the evening me Elin and Görel went east to Macbeth in Hoxton for a Cat Party. Wierd things happened and Elin is now announced as a claptoman. moreover, We pretended to be aussies telling people I was limbing because of a bite from a white tipped reef shark.
I made my way to Finsbury Park afterwards for some more dancing. Really great night!

tisdag 24 maj 2011

Boots of spanish leather

Posted this picture last year on Bob Dylan's 69th birthday, can't believe how fast this year went!
Will celebrate in Canary Wharf with som brews and a bbq, simply love everything he's done, he made me who I am and will support me where ever I may be landing.

måndag 23 maj 2011

Sleeping with my back to yours


Wolf Gang in Kentis Town. Burberry's been doing other vids with different artists, check them out!

Wolf Gang is playing at Arnold Cirkus in Shoreditch this Sunday before going on tour, gonna be massive!

söndag 22 maj 2011

Surf the asphalt

Favorite vud ftm. Had a great night in Dalston with Wuthering Heights playingon repeat. Is Tropical is heading to Emmabodafestivalen in south Sweden which will be ace. dancedancedance

all you really have to do now, is forget you're in the world

White Denim @ The Wheelbarrow, Camden
White Denim @ The Wheelbarrow, Camden
Liam & Gregory
Emma & Mårten

Met up with Liam in Camden to see White Denim. Always free entry at Wheelbarrow which is swell. Was ace.