torsdag 30 september 2010

Ni kan bygga era glashus, men akta er för stenar

My new coat for winter winds. For the moment I'm stuck with some swedish punk music. This is a song from Masshysteri's latest album. Really god one. (they cannot here the music)

söndag 26 september 2010


A week since the racists got in to the Swedish government, still torturing my mind; Who the fuck voted?

lördag 25 september 2010

Julie, you know that I ain't for hire, but you can have me, you can trade me for your cigarette lighter.

1. No money, 5,25 £ left to live on for a week.
2. No guts to tell my mum I need more (feels a bit weak)
3. No tobacco
4. Dilemma; Tobacco vs. Food

Ansolute insane to put tobacco in front or food.. or am I? Need a kick in the head or something.

torsdag 23 september 2010

Stonehenge & Bath

Stonehenge, Elin & Elin
Pretty much what you see without paying
The Church in Bath
Cutest store ever
André in a small corridor, grapes for 1 £
Outside somewhere in Bath
The Roman Baths from the 1200 century.
So here the Romans sat, 800 years ago

Really loved Bath, looked like a fairytale when we arrived with the bus. One of the most beutiful places I've ever been. Stonehenge was nice to, but not the same thing though.
Trying hard as hell to learn tourist attractions in London for a test tomorrow but it just won't work! Beirut is good to have now.

fredag 17 september 2010

Don't teach me a lesson 'cause I've allready learned

Update! Today we're going to a restaurant called Ed's. Located by Picadilly Circus. Like a 50's hamburger place. After I believe we'll try to find the luck somewhere in Notting Hill.

tisdag 14 september 2010

La chanson de prévert

Studying a bit french and really want thursday to come 'cause then we're going to see this movie in class. So excited!

Postcards from Italy

myspace graphic at Gickr
Make your own animation
Having a bit too much time. I should write something about stonehenge but I cant find a shit. Spending the hours with Beirut, much better.

You tease the wild autumn with lillies of green

Sitting with a bird nest in my hair, really do have to start brushing my hair... No fringe today, hidden somwhere under. Today my friend got an interview with Joel Alme. I'm really jealous, could kill her.Anyways, here is a bit of him.

söndag 12 september 2010

We'll make them turn there heads every place we go

Found a really small alley near our house. Perfect hideaway but maybe not the best place to go to when you're alone. Listening to the amazing Ronnie Spector and The Ronettes and having herb tea. A good way to end the weekend. Btw, hate the bug I have on lookbook and the fact that I don't get any hypes anymore haha. superficial crap.



too much whino, too much foster's too much cheap cigarettes and too much of a dutchman. But that's only now, yesterday was splendid. Brick lane awaits now so I'll have to get myself together. Nick Drake is the right help.

onsdag 8 september 2010

On the day when your mentality catches up with your biology

I think we're alone now, there doesn't seem to be anyone around...
Just spending the day crying your eyes out to a film we're the Smiths is mentioned in almost every sentence. Listening a lot to I want the one I cant have and feeling a bit miserable. Hur många mil är det till Göteborg? Det beror på vart man bor...

tisdag 7 september 2010


Bought some stuff on the HMV sale 500 days of summer and I'm not there for the price of one and the great album A guide to love, loss & desperation by the Wombats. Got the first season of Skins from Görel today so that's pretty much how my evening looks like. This is a corner of my london room, couldn't leave my Bob Hund poster in Uppsala...


Pictures from the forst London rain ince we got here! The days go by pretty fast and soon it will be Sunday so we can take a walk to Camden.

måndag 6 september 2010

Portobello market

Update from London. Went to portobello market and took some B&W photographs. Now it's raining for the first time since I got here, but I find it soothing.

lördag 4 september 2010

Slim & Slender

Found a really great record at Rough Trade (the first store they had)in Notting Hill. The spinto band is absolutely worth a listen! I'm a bit in love with the drawings they have on their albums too.

You just haven't earned it yet baby

Keeping an eye on the world going by my window.
The room.
Elin in my room.

This is the room I'm staying in, wake up every morning with the sun shining softly through the leaves. Really like the style of the room, a mix of the old and the new. Mostly the old.
Haven't got any editing program on this computer so I can't edit my pictures but I hope you'll enjoy them anyway.
Today it's Portobello Market and maybe Pete Doherty in Brixton. Maybe I should photograph in B&W...

fredag 3 september 2010

Got no money in my pocket you see, but I do have some Pimms!

Yesterday I bought this adorable pocket-pistol at Urban Outfitters. There are different kinds of motives but I believe that this suits me the most.
End of the first schoolweek now so today there will be some cheers and alcohol involved.