måndag 25 oktober 2010

Abbey Road
(I'm not in pain, it's just an illusion)
"I'm only sleeping"

After a trip to IKEA the school surprised us by stopping on Abbey Road, we almost broke through the windows, SO HAPPY!
We have planned to go back and take a real photo of the crossing, 'cause, the once we took are so bad.
My french course is killing me and tomorrow is the music jam in school so I will just play my guitar for the rest of the evening, french can wait.

måndag 18 oktober 2010

Lazy sunday afternoon

Monday morning, the morning from hell. Just a few days left till my parents visits! Really need a weekend off from everything.

lördag 16 oktober 2010

Aspackad & Arg

Elin & Me

Yesterday was something I believe. Went to a pub where they say that Robert Pattinson usually can be spotted around christmas here in Barnes. Rather interesting I must say.
Now I'm keeping up the good work with Swedish punk and green tea. Today we're taking on Camden and The Barfly!

onsdag 13 oktober 2010

hair illusions

gif animator
Gif animator

Båda Sidor Nu - Håkan Hellström

Jag har sett kärlek från båda sidor nu,
från och ge och ta och ändå ser jag bara kärleksillusioner
och nu minns jag jag förstår inte kärlek, inte det minsta.

Och jag skulle ha ringt dig ikväll men handen fastnade framför mig,
och jag skulle sagt; "jag älskar dig" men stolthet kom i vägen.
Och du eller jag vem är konstigast, är det bara jag som förändrats
ja nåt är borta men nåt hittas, varje dag.

Jag har sett livet från båda sidor nu,
från upp och ner och ändå ser jag bara livsillusioner
och nu minns jag jag förstår inte livet, inte det minsta.

söndag 10 oktober 2010

Rock 'n' roll Alamo

Recovering from yesterday's pranks in Westminster and Notting Hill. Had a great time on the pavement drinkin cheap wine with the bottle in a tesco bag by Big Ben. Afterwords our feets took us to Notting Hill where we wandered around for a bit 'til we got to this Austrian pub. Nice evening I must say.
Today the sun is shining from a blue sky, perfect day for photographs of Hammersmith Bridge I believe.
Picture is from friday in Kensington Gardens.

lördag 9 oktober 2010

You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one

Sending my regards to John Lennon on his 70 birthday. Think I'll celebrate it tonight at a typical english pub with a pint. Cheers.

onsdag 6 oktober 2010

Crystal Visions

My headache is killing me, tried everything but nothing works. Likely I will get sick and miss the whole weekend...
Pic from a birthday party in my garden, remember Simon's imitation of Ulf Ekman.

måndag 4 oktober 2010

Publiken i bakersta raden verkligen hatade mig till hälften av sina hjärtan

More than 10 years have past and I'm still in love with you, the same love that escapes from the eyes of a sevenyearold that sunny afternoon in 2000.
"Flytt från 'William, it was really nothing'
Flytt från 'Boys dont cry'
Flytt med alla ursäkter
Flytt ur alla fällor"

wasted days and wasted nights 'cause my dreams just slowly die

The Big Pink
TONIGHT - THE BIG PINK http://open.spotify.com/track/1SmxzyanwMiWVH0jGUlRaf

Really need to study and I really don't fancy it. Just want to play my guitar and drink tea with honey. Just checked my balance,I should manage well this month. If I do, I'm going to Gothenburg on fall break to visit my adoreable friends. EXCITED