torsdag 21 april 2011

Det kanske är fel, men en bra metafor

Yesterday I had a gig at Brixton Bar & Grill, went on nicely. Johan filmed the whole thing and took some pictures so that may come on the blog later. I've been trying to get some colour on my pale body cause the sun here is immense. Got a bit nostalgic as well so the song of the day will be:
Vapnet – Kalla Mig

Just a Little Bit

Met up with some Swedish mates in Russel Square and spoiled the romantic picture.
Cat Stevens – If I Laugh

Regent's Canal

The pink door and a surfer on a skateboard
Walking along Regent's canal
"Tallest man on Earth"
Went for a "morning" walk along regent's canal, I'll never get tired of that path along the canal.
Primary 1 – A.O.K <-- song of that day

I'll wear black until I find something darker

My skills with flowers on Dave.
After a long long walk along Regent's canal we ended up in Regent's Park with a picnic. Really have to put some colour on my wardrobe, so dark.

B&W in Regent's Park

Finally got my camera out of the closet and took some pics, here are the b&w ones.

måndag 18 april 2011

When I'm with you baby, I go out of my head

Just realised how much I miss my dear friend Ellen. Drinkin homemade ice tea on her balcony listening to vinyls like Depeche Mode and Creedence Clearwater Revival. It's going to feel so good to meet her again, to meet everyone actually. But my feelings are divided cause I really don't wanna leave London, even though it's only for about a week. Been preparing a bit for my gig at Brixton bar & Grill, step by if you fancy, about eight o'clock.
xxOn wednesday

söndag 17 april 2011

I got the time but the time don't pay

David, Cally Road
Elina in Camden.

Have two weeks off from school which couldn't feel any better. Been to heaps of places the past days/week, proud camden, wheelbarrow, fabric yesterday and some other. Today there will be picnic in Kensington Gardens to celebrate Lisa's birthday, hopefully I'll make it to Robert Selby's gig, we'll see how it goes.
Tune of the day: Band Of Skulls – I Know What I Am

torsdag 14 april 2011

Liam O'Donnel - The Great Unknown


That's one of my new found friends in London. His voice is magic and he's walking the up the stairs of success. Give it a listen. First heard this song at my friends bbq in Canary Wharf and it's become quite close to my heart.
His band is to recommend as well: