måndag 25 oktober 2010

Abbey Road
(I'm not in pain, it's just an illusion)
"I'm only sleeping"

After a trip to IKEA the school surprised us by stopping on Abbey Road, we almost broke through the windows, SO HAPPY!
We have planned to go back and take a real photo of the crossing, 'cause, the once we took are so bad.
My french course is killing me and tomorrow is the music jam in school so I will just play my guitar for the rest of the evening, french can wait.

4 kommentarer:

victoria sa...

otti! il faut que tu fait les études de français sinon tu ne pourra pas vivre à paris avec moi! hehehe

hiven sa...

I hope that you're a model. Every photo your face could be a campaign. It's simply amazing.
If you're not a model, you should be and the scout who spots you is very lucky


You are so awesome and i already told you how much i looove your Voice :**

ottiliak sa...

hahah, thank you very much! really warms my heart and brings up my confidance a huge bit!

Victoria: klart jag ska bo där med dig, OM du köper mina skivor haha