onsdag 2 mars 2011

From Richmond to Hoxton and some places inbetween

Johanna @ The Themes in Richmond
Random Band @ MacBeth , Hoxton
Me & Ossian in Camden
Johanna @ The Wheelbarrow (former Flower pot, which was waaaaaaay better)
Crazy weekend with Johanna, everything was spectacular until some evil goblin stole my wallet in some sort of way. That disgusting thief must've been really educated in the art of stealing 'cause my bag is NOT like an open book exactly.
Apart from that we had a great time, just loved every moment of it, and the fact that Johanna is such an incredible person that can get my smile back even in the hardest moments. Miss her already.
I'm gonna steal some pictures from her later.

Just found out that I'm gonna play in World's End on april 7th. I'll get back to you about that later. I'm in great need of some sleep for the moment.

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